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Non-Negotiables – How to “Win” in Finding Work-Happiness

I believe in the importance of holding yourself to standards. With each company and department you work in, company cultures define the workplace experience. Do people stay at a company for a couple years or a couple decades? Does the environment actively foster innovation? Is the company forward thinking in technology? What about employee benefits?

As companies work more competitively in gaining quality employees, we have the unique opportunity to choose companies based on our personal expectations. Maybe you want to work in a technologically advanced company. Or maybe you want  the ability to work up a company. Or, you may prefer working in a team environment. Want to have a mentor as a manger?

During the early stages in your career, you will figure out what environments foster your growth and help bring you happiness. Personally, these non-negotiables include working in a “community” environment that fosters innovation.

Today, I challenge you to form your own Non-Negotiables

Make a list of your top 3 non-negotiables that you may be able to seek out in your next employer. When you start interviewing at companies, find subtle ways to ask them about their corporate environment and be honest to the interviewers about the environment that you want to work in.

Leaders, try to create this environment for others. Try to provide the environment you want to those around you.

Keep moving Fourward,



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