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Starting Over

So if you have the opportunity to move towns, or travel somewhere new, look at that opportunity as a way to finally meet yourself. From the inside out.

Author Spotlight: Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is one of the authors that makes me think that our world is continually improving. He looks at humanity with contagious optimism. I wanted to write a quick post about why this author is undoubtably one of my favorite humans on earth. First of all, he has a habit of capturing 5-minutes of fame over and over again. You might have seen his “Millennials in the Workplace” video that went viral on Facebook OR one of this two TED Talks (each with millions of views). You might have also heard of one of his 2 NY Times Best-Sellers: Leaders Eat Last or Start With Why. While his life’s purpose is to “inspire others to do what inspire them,” he has become the go-to writer for corporate leadership and brand loyalty. His books are filled with very easy-to-read examples about leadership and his videos are captivating. He has made a huge impact on my career and entire self. I would also say he is a big inspiration behind Fourward Path. So if you need some inspiration to follow your heart, find …