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5 Easy Ways to Prepare for an Interview

5 Easy Ways to Prepare for an Interview

  1. Give them something — You should always bring enough copies of your resume and portfolio for your interviewers. Ask your HR contact how many interviewers will be present. If you are uncomfortable asking or completely forgot, bring 5-6 (it is better to have too many than too little).
  2. Practice — I know you don’t like that dreaded “What is your biggest weakness” question, but being prepared for it is the easiest way to not choke.
  3. Study — Understand the company. Know its mission and department you are applying for. When they ask you if you have any questions, ask something like, “Do you think the company is going to try and pursue ___ market,” or “How is the company preparing to grow over the next few years in ____ market?” *Ask a question that shows you have done your research and informs you about the company’s direction & stability.
  4. Calm your nerves — Interviewers speak to nervous applicants all the time. Right before your interview, go in the bathroom and give yourself a pep talk. Do a “victory stance”. Personally, I work well under pressure. So, I put myself under pressure by telling myself that the only way they won’t see my nerves is if I don’t have any.
  5. Be Confident — There is a reason you are interviewing. You are one of their best applicants. They want you just as much as you want them.

Following these pointers will help you put your best foot forward during your next interview.

Keep Moving Fourward,

Easy Ways to prepare for an itnerview

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