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The Rise of Snappy Casual

I am a big believer in dressing down. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and looking nice, but I believe dressing up for work each and every day gets old, is inefficient, and unnecessary. As Millennials join the work force and become corporate leaders, we will see a change in corporate culture away from black ties and toward blue jeans. In fact, large corporations such as Coca-cola and IBM have recently removed ties and added casual Fridays.

What is “Snappy Casual”? I am not really sure if this is a super common term, but I have heard it used numerous times in my college town. It pretty much means “look nice”. Leave the leggings in the closet and put on your nice pair of jeans along with a cute shirt. Do your hair and put on makeup. Look nice. Its the equivalent of casual Fridays in some workplaces.


Keep the shoes to simple flats or heels


Something modest. Don’t be afraid of color, but stray away from big patterns


Jeans, khakis, modest skirts, etc!


Keep Moving Fourward,



Snappy casual

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