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Hello World!

While I have been writing on this blog sporadically for years, I have finally decided to invest my full energy in it. I don’t know where Fourward Path will lead me, but I hope that it will bring value to both of us.

I believe the past 5 yeas of my life have been uniquely mine; I have learned life-lessons early on about personal development and professional growth through my travels, internships, and experiences. So, I will try to pour as much of myself into this blog as possible.

Also on Fourward Path, you will find content about resumes, interviews, and job searches. Please use all the information that I have on here! After interviewing and applying to dozens of jobs and internships, I know this information can be vital to landing interviews and jobs. If you have any questions, differing opinions, or ideas, please reach out to me! This process calls for continual learning that should not be done alone.

If any of you are familiar with Simon Sinek’s “Start With WHY”, you will discover that Fourward Path’s WHY is to show my readers that they are more valuable than they believe and are always capable of more. I want this blog to become a resource for self-development, discovery, and growth.

Everybody has a very unique set of experiences that make them valuable in unique ways.

If we uncover why these perspectives make us valuable and learn how to communicate this value to others, we can accomplish our greatest goals.

This May, I will begin another journey as a Professional Intern for Disney Parks and Resorts. If anyone is interested, I have already posted about my interview process here. I am so excited to work for another company famous for their innovative ideas and strong company culture.

You will definitely see future posts from Orlando! 

I do not plan on sharing each article on Facebook, so if you would like to follow the blog, please subscribe to it or follow me on Twitter. Also, if you believe in this blog’s mission and like the articles that I have already posted, please share them, pin, and Tweet them. If anyone has any questions, comments, or ideas, please do not hesitate to email me at

Keep moving Fourward,


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