Month: April 2017

Why Summer Should Be Your Busiest Time of the Year

As Summer keeps getting closer, I can’t help but think about what I want to fill my time with. Having not locked down plans for the Summer, I am thinking about where I’d like to work as well as how I would like to grow as an individual. This will be the one time each year where we don’t have commitments to school, organizations, homework, etc. But it is just so easy to waste the summer away on this or that. With so much time, we should make the most of it in order to continue learning, growing, and experiencing. I would like to encourage you to maintain your planner over the summer filled with to-do items, dinners with old friends, and weekend trips. Here are my 4 ideas to help fill your planner. Hold yourself accountable to reading 1 self-development book and 1 fun read per month. Every other week, have lunch with an old friend from college or high school that you wish you stayed connected with. Find a unique workout class to …

Starting Over

So if you have the opportunity to move towns, or travel somewhere new, look at that opportunity as a way to finally meet yourself. From the inside out.

Hello World!

While I have been writing on this blog sporadically for years, I have finally decided to invest my full energy in it. I don’t know where Fourward Path will lead me, but I hope that it will bring value to both of us. I believe the past 5 yeas of my life have been uniquely mine; I have learned life-lessons early on about personal development and professional growth through my travels, internships, and experiences. So, I will try to pour as much of myself into this blog as possible. Also on Fourward Path, you will find content about resumes, interviews, and job searches. Please use all the information that I have on here! After interviewing and applying to dozens of jobs and internships, I know this information can be vital to landing interviews and jobs. If you have any questions, differing opinions, or ideas, please reach out to me! This process calls for continual learning that should not be done alone. If any of you are familiar with Simon Sinek’s “Start With WHY”, you will discover that Fourward Path’s WHY …