Quick FindSample Resumes & Cover Letter Help 

Resumes are the most basic part of applying for a job. They should, in short, show the hiring manager that you are the perfect fit for a job. Here are the major pointers to remember when writing your resume:

  • Don’t forget your contact information! Name, Phone number, Email Address, LinkedIn Profile link (you can customize this on LinkedIn!), etc.
  • Make it personal for each job you apply to
    • Use key words found in the job description to appear in Applicant Tracking Systems. Find an entire blog about the way they work here.
  • Highlight your relevant skills in a Skills section. Utilizing a skills section can keep the Experience section to the main tasks and projects completed during an experience.
  • Feel free to make it creative, but readable AND scannable for the companies that use HR softwares. (AKA use MS Word-basic fonts)
  • Spell-check and re-check! There is nothing more embarrassing or mood-killing than a simple spelling or grammar error. And trust me, anyone can make them!
  • When designing your resume, pick themes based on the industry that you are entering. For example, creative resumes in creative marketing jobs are very appropriate. On the flip side, you probably do not want a colorful and high-design job when applying to a law office.