I am Ashley, a twenty-something from Atlanta. While I am trying to figure out how to act like an adult, I have learned a few lessons the hard way and would like to try and keep you from making the same mistakes. This is Fourward Path, a personal and professional development blog. Feel free to look around and share your opinion!

What I believe:

I believe in the importance of adding value. If you could not add value to a company, they won’t hire you. If you cannot gain value from working somewhere, you shouldn’t work there. With an increasing competition in finding work and finding employees, it is up to us, Millennials, to find a company where we can gain value and add value. I write this blog as a way to help you explain the value that you currently have as well as build upon that value in college and beyond. 

About Me:

Each day, I have a new dream. Right now, I am trying to decide which dream I would like to fulfill first. Some of my dream jobs include working overseas to help developing countries maximize their economic growth, working with consumer insights to help large corporations understand their core clientele, and starting my own company where I can add value to other people’s lives.

Quirky facts:

Yogi Tea is my drug of choice.

My favorite place on Earth is the Georgia Aquarium.

I have a passion for leadership.

Nothing is better than a early fall night eating s’mores.

I have serious Wanderlust for places, people, and experiences.

Why “Four”:

Unfortunately, there is no life-changing reason why I decided to change the spelling of the word “Forward”. Partly to be unique and partly because “fourwardpath” was too generic. Also, 4 is my lucky number (I was born 4/4/94) and I feel like the numbers 4, 44, and 94 are always following me around. More importantly, the phrase “Fourward Path” should challenge each one of us to keep moving fourward.

Other Writings:

The Leadercast Blog

Where to find me:

I’m rarely in the same place for very long. See where I’ve been here.

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