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#TravelHack: TPG_Alerts

One of my favorite mindless time-killers is searching for new travel destinations. I just love planning and imaging myself somewhere new. How much is it to go to Valencia in May? What about Tokyo in June? What kind of tree houses can I stay at in Puerto Rico?

Of course, one of the worst parts of planning is finding good prices. Enter: The Points Guy. The Points Guy started out as a one-man blog about ways to travel the world while maxamizing the points you get from your adventures and minimize the cost of traveling. Today, it is one of the most renowned travel blogs about anything from the best travel credit cards, the coolest hotel rooms, travel news, and, of course, airlines and hotels.

My favorite aspect of their business is the Twitter account @TPG_Alerts. The entire purpose of this account is to Tweet insanely good deals that are published by a travel sites.

US to China for $447 round trip. 

US to Barcelona from $376 round trip. 

Chicago to Florida from $90 round trip. 

US to Iceland from $200 round trip. 

The best part? These are real sales. These are not ultra-low-cost airlines that will charge you more at the airport.  These are all-in real life prices that you can get. Here is the catch, sometimes these deals are good for a week, sometimes they’re only good for an hour. Want to reveal your spontaneous side? Book a deal from @TPG_Alerts– you won’t regret it!

So, turn your notifications on and see where life will take you!


Keep moving Fourward,


TPG_Alerts Twitter Account

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