Cover Letters

Although cover letters are often intimidating– they should really be the easiest part of you application. They can become the “wow” factor in why you get an interview or the nail on the coffin when you don’t get a callback.

Cover letters can be broken up into 3 distinct parts:

1. Introduction— This will include the salutation, the reason for your application, and a snapshot into your experience and/or skills.

2. Relevant Materials— I usually break up this part into 3 past experiences, courses that I’ve taken, or skills that I have learned that would make me extra valuable in the position I am applying for. For example, if I am applying for a Social Media Internship, I would mention my past Social Media Internship, Social Media Marketing course, and something else varying on what else the position would entail. Each point should be a short paragraph, making the cover letter easy for the HR manager to read.

3. Closing— The closing part should be the easiest. I can be very simple: including a quick summary and “call to action” (such as “I look forward to hearing from you” or “Please call me so we can set up a time to speak over the phone”). You can also include other information such as your resume being attached, dates you are available (if this is important information), etc.

Important tid bits:

Headings should look like this:


Contact Name (if you have it)
Position (if you have it) OR (Hiring Manager, Internship Coordinator, etc)
Company Name
Company Address

Signatures should look like this:


You can also download a sample cover letter here.

Keep Moving Fourward,