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My Favorite Things

I am not a big journal-er. I get busy, make up an excuse, and a month goes by before I think about journaling again. But when I started my study abroad trip in 2015, I knew I wanted to journal. So I bought an adorable journal from TJ Maxx, wrote in it on the plane ride to Europe, and didn’t write in it again… That’s how the story goes.

So when I came across another cute journal, I promised myself that if I bought it, I would have to change my approach. So instead of trying to write out my soul each night, I ~sometimes~ write a sentence summarizing my favorite thing that happened during that day. To give the entry context, I add in the date as well as my location of the event.

Looking back, I am still able to remember funny and sentimental events throughout the past year or so. My Favorite Things has provided me an easy way to reflect on each day and remember what keeps me grounded. Hint: most of my entries are about laughing with my roommates, a family dinner, or walk outside. Its interesting that, looking back, I mostly remember the big things, but this journal calls the “little things” to memory.


Keep Moving Fourward,


My Favorite Things.png

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