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Airline Prices: Beating the System


Airlines price discriminate. Thats not new news. Business flyers are probably willing to spend more on a ticket than a college student looking to go on a weekend trip. So, most airlines have the ability to change their prices based on when you are purchasing the ticket, what browser you use, etc.

My first tip is to search using Internet Explorer. My second tip is to use the Google Flights. This software finds the cheapest flights that an airline is willing to sell on that given day. You can search based on day you want to fly and based on destination. My favorite part of the software is the ability to scroll on the map to compare prices for different cities (inspiring some serious Wanderlust).
Keep Moving Fourward,

*Southwest Airlines’s flights are not available on Google flights, so to find the cheapest ticket, you may need to have 2 browsers open to check Google Flights and Southwest at the same time 😉



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