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Learn How to Dress for Success

When dressing for an event, interview, presentation, etc. you will probably be given 1 or 3 guidelines for dressing appropriately. These are listed below. It is also a good idea to over-dress when you are trying to impress.


Business Causal

This is where you need to start buying nicer outfits. Bring out the khakis, black pants, and business skirts. The good news is that your top can still be pretty flexible. Pair khakis with a Polo button up or even a nice blouse. Shoes should definitely be nicer flats or heels.

Boys can get away with a pair of khakis and a button-up shirt. Ties and sports coats are optional (but you probably want to bring one of them if you’re looking to impress someone).

Business Professional

Bring out the suits for this! Women can go with a matching shirt suit or pantsuit. Guys should wear a matching pant and jacket set with a tie.

*Helpful hint for the guys: Jacket should be buttoned up while you are standing and walking around. When you are sitting, they should be unbuttoned.


Keep moving Fourward,




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