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Balancing College and Your Education

One of my best college mentors and professors ended each semester with the phrase, “don’t let classes get in the way of your education”. He’s right. As our ever-changing world develops, the hard skills you learned in Computers 101 may be completely useless in 20 years.

What you learn in the classroom can give you hard skills. But chances are, employers are looking for more.

College will teach you the invaluable and transferable skills that can make you invaluable to an employer. 

They want to hire someone able to multitask, prioritize, and learn. Each of these skills are partly taught in the classroom through group projects and managing studying time, but they are mostly taught from stressing out over tests, becoming a campus leader, and challenging yourself.

Whatever you are doing in college, make sure you are always challenging yourself. You may not feel like these experiences are worth your time, but living college to its fullest will have amazing benefits.

As a task for moving fourward, I would challenge you to add a “soft skills” category on your resume made up of honest skills that you have improved on during your college experience.

Keep moving fourward,



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