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Be Bold & Be Bold Now

As school continues to fly by, I think about what else I have learned that can be translated onto Fourward Path. Some of my most powerful experiences have been through networking and taking advantage of events that my school offers. Yes, you have a project due tomorrow. Yes, you need to finish Stranger Things. Yes, you would rather keep your t-shirt on.

However, staying hidden from the school and the experiences that the school can provide will allow your college career to pass you by. 

I have attended countless seminars, networking events, dinners, etc. where I have had the opportunity to meet the exact person I want to be when I grow up.

Stay After & Shake Hands

Going to the event only gets you half way. Actually getting face time with other attendees and speakers is the real purpose of going to networking events. It’ll be awkward at first, but you will learn how to manage awkward situations and get better and better.

Ask Questions

This is something that I am still learning how to master. I don’t want to embarrass myself by asking a question that has already been answered, some of the other students are only here for extra credit, yadi-yadi-yada. This is the moment where you can stand out, sound intelligent, and expand your knowledge. Making yourself vulnerable with the profit of self-growth is the entire point of college!! Take advantage of these opportunities to make them your classroom.

As college students, we are provided the unique opportunity to test our networking skills while adults understand that we are only students.


Keep moving Fourward,




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