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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Account

Although I could create an entire blog about the ins and outs of LinkedIn, I thought I would just start off with a few ways to make your LinkedIn account really stand out.

  1. Professional Heading- For most users, this would be their job titles. However, college students probably don’t want to put “nanny,” or “Intramural Referee” as their professional heading. Your professional heading should relate to your career. For example: my heading is “Experienced Student Seeking Marketing Internship.” It says what I am in the eyes of who will be looking at my profile.
  2. Add Media- This is reallly cool. On LinkedIn, you can add media onto your LinkedIn profile. This means you can attach pictures, reports, documents, slideshows, etc. to your profile. *BOOM* LinkedIn just became an interactive online portfolio. Don’t go overboard, but putting some past photography, school projects (make sure they’re A material), etc., can make your LinkedIn profile stand out.
  3. Summary- This part is a little tricky. Others probably won’t read all of this, but it is a great way to highlight what you have done and what you want to do. Listing interests, skills, qualifications in a way that is easy to read will maximize your Summary and profile.

I hope these few pointers will help you understand the best and easiest ways to use LinkedIn!

Keep Moving Fourward,


3 Ways Linkedin

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