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Resume “Need-to-Knows”

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Resumes are the most basic part of applying for a job. They should, in short, show the hiring manager that you are the perfect fit for a job. Here are the major pointers to remember when writing your resume:

  • Don’t forget your contact information! Name, Phone number, Email Address, LinkedIn Profile link (you can customize this on LinkedIn!), etc.
  • Make it specific for each job you apply to

Use key words found in the job description

  • Highlight your relevant skills in a Skills section. Utilizing a skills section can keep the Experience section to the main tasks and projects completed during an experience.
  • Feel free to make it creative, but readable AND scannable for the companies that use HR softwares. (AKA use MS Word-basic fonts)
  • Spell-check and re-check! There is nothing more embarrassing or mood-killing than a simple spelling or grammar error. And trust me, anyone can make them!

Keep Moving Fourward,

Resumes good bad and ugly

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